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Charcoal Tabs
Oshun Organics LLC

Charcoal Tabs

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If you enjoy a nice and aromatic treatment or you simply love burning resin incense, we have a must-have accessory that will help you turn your ritual into a real relaxation oasis; our charcoals can be found in religious institutions, homes, and Spas across the world.

A single coal briquette for incense lasts up to 45 minutes with a constant flame. The light tablets are odorless, allowing you to enjoy the intense aroma of the incense or herbal flavor.

How to use for burning herbs and resins:

  1. Hold the charcoal away from your fingers (using a tong). Light it with a match and watch the tiny sparks ignite. Be careful! Charcoal can burn up to 1500 degrees.
  2. Place the coal in at least 2 inches of sand, or in a fire -safe container.
  3. Place the resin incense on-top of the burning charcoal in a cone-like fashion, so that air can flow through.
  4. Enjoy as your room fills with incense!