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Cultivate Beauty

Oshun Organics, LLC is a combination of modern Beauty practices. We utilize science and Cosmeceuticals, with Yoruba, Ayurveda & Egyptian medicine, for an exciting New Age personal care experience. Inspired and influenced by culture, our mission is to energize you to explore and connect with the great big world around you. All the while, making sure you practice self-care and thoughtfulness. Our Indie Brand ethically sources plant-based, quality ingredients from all over the world, in order to craft our unique & natural Bath and Beauty creations. We infuse intention and positive energy into each product we make. Our ingredient lists are FREE from Synthetic fragrance, and your purchase always promotes sustainable growing practices and Artisan production. With products made by hand, infused with Herbs, Botanicals, and Crystals and packaged in biodegradable materials, caring for your skin can now be an insightful, thoughtful and simple experience. NEVER tested on animals, *Vegan formulas made without synthetic fragrances. We also strive to source *plant-based colorants.